How to Develop Healthy Relationships in Recovery

Without them, life as we know it would be quite empty and unfulfilling. One of the most common mistakes in developing early attachments in any relationship is being misunderstood and having unreasonable expectations for one another. You must be able to understand your own expectations relationships in recovery as well as those of others without feeling intimidated or fearing retaliation. You have a lot of value you can add to the lives of the people around you. You need to learn how to love yourself, even when accepting that you have done things you aren’t proud of.

Continuing individual or group therapy can also allow you to stay focused on your recovery while rebuilding relationships. Healthy relationships can help individuals struggling with addiction to avoid negative attachments to people who bring out the worst in them. Engaging in toxic relationships can create feelings of frustration, unnecessary stress, and conflict. These feelings can lead of increased use of alcohol and substance abuse. In any close relationship, people share important aspects of their life experience and who they are.

How to Deal with Relationships in Recovery

This is because unhealthy relationships can cause a person to relapse. If you’d like to learn more about substance abuse, treatment for addiction, or how to build healthy relationships while in recovery, then you’ve come to the right place. Discover Recovery Treatment Center is a holistic addiction treatment facility that is founded on innovation, passion, and integrity. So if you or someone you know is in need of addiction treatment, Washington’s top option is Discover Recovery.

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Codependent relationships have positive intention to help loved ones in need; however, they may not have boundaries that allow individuals sufficient independence to grow. It is dysfunctional as it enables individuals with substance use disorders, careless life decisions and toxic habits. This is especially true for people who are just recovering from addiction. Setting boundaries that will keep you focused on your recovery, and allow you to enjoy healthy relationships, can help keep you away from old triggers or unhealthy relationship patterns.

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When you enter sobriety, it may be difficult for you to be mindful of your emotions, treat yourself with kindness, and eliminate negative self-talk, on top of avoiding substances. These things don’t just happen overnight – they take time and effort. Many of the friends you had when you were using may still be in the place that you don’t want to return to. You can form new friendships, and do that, look in places where you know you’re going to be able to find individuals who are healthy and like-minded. Active addiction can be incredibly damaging to relationships of all kinds. During treatment and recovery, it’s important to understand the detrimental effects but not dwell on them.

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Resilience and Recovery: Insights from Service Users with ....

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Either way, creative boundary setting will help to keep you out of harm’s way. We thrive most when we are surrounded by people who share our values, people with who we can find meaning in life. When someone builds a relationship after rehab, they are committing to an enriching act. These worries will influence a person’s judgment and encourage them not to take action.

Having a Healthy Relationship With Your Higher Power

These can show your family that you are making an effort to fill the time with productive activities. By building a strong relationship with yourself, the identity that you may have lost during addiction can be restored. Taking steps to improve your self-esteem will also put you in a better position to take control of your life back. As you continue to recover, you’ll attract people who also value themselves and value others. This month is February, which means love is in the air (and Valentine’s chocolate is on sale). However, for people in recovery, relationships may not come so easily.

  • Struggling with addiction can also lower motivation and cause depression, anxiety, and fatigue.
  • It’s important to remember that you don’t have to go through this alone.
  • To speak with an admissions specialist about our programs, contact us today.
  • With clear boundaries, you can build a relationship after rehab that doesn’t compromise your sobriety and mental health.

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